Introducing Tele-law

Do you want to create or make changes to your existing estate plan but don’t want to have to leave your home to do it? Then you are going to love our tele-law program here at Dana Whiting Law!

FREE Estate Plans for Healthcare Providers

As a token of our gratitude, we are currently offering FREE estate plans for healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Estate Planning

4 Easy Phases

Get Acquainted

We will meet with you and get to know you as we discuss your estate planning goals and objectives. We never charge for a first meeting and believe that a relationship is critical for success.

Design Estate Plan

We will develop flowcharts, spreadsheets, and projections and decide together on an estate strategy that will be best for you.

Review Plan

We meet with you to review the estate plan together and make sure that you thoroughly understand all key provisions in the estate plan.

Execute Document

After you thoroughly understand the estate plan and the flowcharts, a meeting to sign the plan will be scheduled.

Why Dana Whiting Law?

Instead of focusing on the volume of clients, our focus is on creating long lasting relationships with each client at Dana Whiting Law. As some of the most experienced Probate Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ we measure success by the peace of mind and successes of our clients as their Estate Plan is fulfilled thru several generations. Instead of working with young lawyers eager to sell a trust package, you will be working with experienced and highly educated lawyers who care. Most of our core lawyers have at least 10+ years in exclusively in Estate Planning experience. Instead of a law firm that brags about being a “full serviced law firm” with many practice areas, we take pride in the fact that Scottsdale Estate Planning is all that we do. Instead of hourly rate fee arrangements, most of our fees are flat fees. Instead of trying to be the biggest Estate Planning practice in Arizona, we simply strive to be the best.MORE

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple, we want to make sure that your estate plan, is YOUR ESTATE PLAN. Many Estate Planning Law Firms in Arizona will sell you an inexpensive trust template to serve as your Estate Plan. That type of firm is commonly referred to as a “Trust Mill”. Our law firm is different. We want to spend take the time to educate you and help you understand the many options available in Estate Planning. We want to design an Estate Plan tailored specifically for you and your family circumstances.

Although we have significant tax education and experience, we won’t let that be the driving force of the Estate Plan. In addition to discussing tax minimization, we will also spend time discussing fiduciaries and agents. More important than the Estate Pan itself is the selection of the appropriate agents and fiduciaries who will carry out the plan. Who you select as your Successor Trustee or your Executor is as important as what type of Trust you have. In the old days, your only choice for an Executor was the oldest son or a bank. Today we have concepts of Trust Protectors, Private Fiduciaries, and other professionals. In today’s modern Estate Plan, we will have different fiduciaries to perform different functions. Perhaps you might use a “private fiduciary” to serve the family and be a sounding board for your spouse and your kids and to work with your Financial Advisor, CPA and Estate Attorney. Additionally, And perhaps a “Trust Protector” to oversee the operation of all of the fiduciaries, settle any disputes between the beneficiaries and the fiduciaries and make sure that your plan is flexible, but yet carries out your intent.

We will also help you navigate all areas related to Estate Planning as needed, such as asset protection, tax planning, retirement planning, entity creation, trust administration, and probate. At Dana Whiting Law Firm, you are creating an Estate Planning partner with experience and knowledge. You are not purchasing a binder of papers to be filed away and collect dust.

  • Michael S.
    "Want to thank you again for the referral to Matt Dana...have really appreciated his approach and attention."
    Michael S.
  • Brenda
    “Working with the Dana Whiting Law, PLLC firm was a very gratifying and rewarding experience and Attorney Coats’ instructions and advisement were the best!”
  • Monte N. - Queen Creek
    Thank you for an outstanding evening. I love hanging out with people far more intelligent than myself. It always proves educational and beneficial. I will be going to the family organization in our next meeting with a proposal that we sit down with Matt again. We’ve been with an attorney that has worked miracles for us in the past – but he is aging – and we haven’t developed a degree of trust in the rest of his staff. I feel it is time to look for a replacement.
    Monte N. - Queen Creek
  • Michelle
    My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Hallie Tessendorf on our estate plan/trust. I can’t tell you enough good things about her. Looking forward to a long-term relationship.
  • Louise - Scottsdale, AZ (formerly from Payson, AZ)

    Last year, I was very happy to meet the 'old' Matt I cared so much about from 2008.  The Matt who flew to the airport and met with clients in the airport restaurant. The Matt who was the only one, out of three other noted attorneys, who could decipher the verbiage in my trusts.

    Louise - Scottsdale, AZ (formerly from Payson, AZ)
  • Michelle M
    I want to let you know that your excellent receptionist service helped to connect us with your firm. I received a referral list and tried several others first - unlike your service, they directed my call to voicemail and did not respond to my call timely. Your service's ability to answer the phone is definitely a plus. Thanks again for the great service.
    Michelle M
  • Tucson, AZ
    I truly appreciate your conscientious, compassionate and professional help, support, guidance and direction! You, to date, along with Bruce have made it possible to work thru the unsettling job of settling my daughter’s Estate possible!
    Tucson, AZ
  • Gary
    Very professional and easy to talk to. Helpful with tax questions and how to hold assets. Will certainly recommend them.
  • Mullika
    Our family has been served well by Matt Dana & his Ultra Professional staff dating back to 2007. Estate matters are sensitive and emotional issues. Matt is beyond personable and caring. His staff is alert, proficient, expeditious in these Trust matters. His ability is tops, his tenure in Law is Long and his presence is well known in and out of Arizona. We have become a second generation client of his and know that when both my wife and I pass we have no concerns about how the transition of our affairs will be handled. That is a single most comforting thought as we turn the page into 2018.
  • Dianne
    My husband and I have worked with Trevor Whiting for estate planning at his previous firm. When we received the letter about his new firm, there was no question about what our decision would be regarding whether we would switch to the Dana Whiting firm. Trevor Whiting was highly recommended to us when we needed to redo our estate plans after moving to Arizona. We were not disappointed. He is knowledgeable, efficient, very honest but also takes a personal interest in his clients. Our interactions with the office at Dana Whiting Law confirm that the staff shares his commitment to service and client satisfaction.
  • Ed
    For my friend Matt, In appreciation for all your help, my family and I thank you. Without your fantastic financial guidance, exceptional legal advice, and overall commitment to caring for our family, we wouldn't be in the wonderful position we are today. And, of course, I have to acknowledge your exceptional crew, without whose hard work, you wouldn't have been able to do what you've done.