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Estate Planning with Purpose™

As some of the most experienced Probate & Estate Planning Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ we measure success by the peace of mind our clients feel after meeting with us. That is why we offer Estate Planning with Purpose™. Our quality estate plans are fulfilled through several generations. A majority of our senior attorneys have over 10 years of experience practicing strictly in the field of estate planning.

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Dana Whiting Law

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California Practice

With many of our Attorneys being licensed in California, we have now increased our ties in California by opening offices in the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas.

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Utah Practice

We have attorneys licensed in Utah and will be expanding our practice with physical locations in Utah soon.

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We have complete faith in this firm. They are professional, warm experts and all of their staff exhibits the same qualities. We have used them for our estate planning and trust creation. They have answered all of our questions, never making us feel as though we are asking silly questions. We highly recommend Dana Whiting Law.

Ken R.

We moved to Arizona from out of state and had to update our Family Trust to comply with Arizona law. After consulting several law firms we chose Trevor Whiting to complete the necessary changes. He and his staff are very thorough and the fees charged are very reasonable. I would recommend Trevor and his firm to anyone who needs any kind of Trust work done.

Jack B.

My estate plan was completed in a timely fashion. The advice was to the point and very helpful. The fixed price was quite reasonable given the volume and quality of the work. The end product: trusts, will, medical POA, durable POA with a nicely presented binder of all the documents along with electronic PDF copies. I am already using Dana Whiting Law for more legal documents.

Pratt H.

"Excellent questions Matt, thank you for brainstorming all the possible paths forward so we have options to select from. And thank you for today. I always enjoy our time together even if it feels tense at times. The focus is on understanding and optimizing the selection. I feel you turn every rock over which is a compliment.

"Bobbi is also a strong positive contributor. Not only is she smart and task-oriented, but she has the people skills and empathy to follow along and leads when given the opportunity. The two of you together are a good match in business. My wife and I both think you and Bobbi are an excellent team for us. Both smart and engaging and know how to get things done quickly and efficiently. So thank you."

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Our guarantee is simple, we want to make sure that your estate plan, is YOUR ESTATE PLAN. Many Estate Planning Law Firms in Arizona will sell you an inexpensive trust template to serve as your Estate Plan. That type of firm is commonly referred to as a “Trust Mill”. Our law firm is different. We will take the time to educate you and help you understand the many options available in Estate Planning. We want to design an Estate Plan tailored specifically for you and your family circumstances.

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