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What is a Hyatt Legal Plan?

Similar to how healthcare benefits work, Hyatt Legal Plans is a program offered through a MetLife Company that employers can offer to their employees. It allows employees to be covered in a variety of legal areas for a small monthly deduction from their paycheck. Over 2,000 companies throughout the United States offer Hyatt Legal Plan benefits to their employees.

What Benefits are Offered through Hyatt Legal Plans?

Some of the legal areas that might be covered by your Hyatt Legal Plan could include:

  • Financial Matters
  • Family & Personal
  • Civil Lawsuits
  • Real Estate & Home
  • Vehicles/Driving
  • Estate Planning, Last Will & Testament, etc.
  • Elderly Care

How Are Attorneys Connected to Hyatt Legal Plans?

One of the priorities of Hyatt is that individuals who have  Hyatt Legal Plan benefits won’t have to travel far in order to meet with an attorney, and so they provide an attorney network of practitioners throughout the country. In order for attorneys to be practitioners in the attorney network for Hyatt Legal Plans, they have to meet strict criteria and guidelines. Dana Whiting Law is pleased to be part of that attorney network, and we are happy to provide services to individuals with the Hyatt Legal Plan.

Before Matt Dana established Dana Whiting Law, he was the managing partner of Dana Law Firm. For several years, Dana Law Firm was one of the top providers in the country for the Hyatt Legal Plan. Dana Law Firm had a long-standing relationship with Hyatt Legal Plan, and Matt has ensured that relationship transitioned with him to Dana Whiting Law.

Every adult should have some type of Estate Plan in place. Whether that is a Revocable Trust or a Last Will and Testament, it’s important to have something. The good news is that if you have the Hyatt Legal Plan we can typically prepare a Revocable Trust, Health Care and Durable Powers of Attorney, and a Last Will and Testament, without any additional fees. Before you meet with us for your estate planning appointment, we will confirm what your specific plan covers so that you will know in advance. An estate plan in the greater Phoenix area typically costs approximately $3,000. However, with the Hyatt Legal Plan, the estate planning portion of our services is covered for you.

If you live in Arizona, have a Hyatt Legal Plan, and are in need of estate planning services, call our office today at 480-515-3716 to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified estate planning attorneys. We have offices throughout Arizona in Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Chandler/Sun Lakes, Lakeside/Pinetop, Casa Grande, Phoenix, Sedona, Tucson, and Yuma, so meeting with an attorney will be convenient for you.

Matt Dana

The Dana name has become the symbol of a quality Estate Plan in Arizona. It has taken over 34 years to develop and continues to strive for excellence in the Estate Planning community. At its core is Estate Planning lawyer Matt Dana. [Learn more about Matt]

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