About Us

After over 34 years of Estate Planning experience, Matt was able to put together a team of Estate Planning professionals to make your experience at Dana Whiting Law truly unique and special. With degrees, (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law) from institutions such as New York University, Stanford, Seton Hall, and Arizona State University, Dana Whiting Law lawyers have the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to help individuals, families, and advisors achieve their estate planning goals. You will receive a high-quality Estate Plan at affordable fees. You have spent a lifetime accumulating your assets and your estate. Shouldn’t you now choose a law firm and a lawyer that has spent a lifetime developing the best Estate Planning practice in Arizona? Matt doesn’t “practice” Estate Planning. Matt “has experienced” Estate Planning.

Instead of focusing on the volume of clients, our focus is on creating long-lasting relationships with each client at Dana Whiting Law. Instead of measuring success by the number of lawyers employed, we measure success by the peace of mind and successes of our clients as their Estate Plan is fulfilled through several generations. Instead of working with young lawyers eager to sell a trust package, you will be working with experienced and highly educated lawyers who care. Most of our core lawyers have at least 10+ years in exclusively in Estate Planning experience. Instead of a law firm that brags about being a “full serviced law firm” with many practice areas, we take pride in the fact that Estate Planning is all that we do. Instead of hourly rate fee arrangements, most of our fees are flat fees. Instead of trying to be the biggest Estate Planning practice in Arizona, we simply strive to be the best.

Estate Planning is shaped and molded by life experiences. “I practice Estate Planning much differently today than I practiced 30 years ago,” said Matt. Matt is 61 years old, married to his wife Nancy for almost 40 years. They have 5 grown children. They have experienced in-laws, grandchildren, successes, and failures in investing and heartache and pain in trying to raise their family. They have lost loved ones. They have seen estate taxes repealed, reinstated and then promised to be repealed again. Plus, Matt understands the hard work, the sleepless nights and the ups and downs in building a business. “There is no doubt in my mind that I am a much better Estate Planning lawyer today than I was 30 years ago,” said Matt.

I truly didn’t understand Estate Planning in my early years”, said Matt. “It wasn’t until I experienced the loss of loved ones. The heartache that children can bring. The joys that grandchildren can bring. The successes of life. The failures. Experiencing several economic cycles. The joy of building that dream home and the pain of losing something in a foreclosure. Experiencing the divorce of a son or a daughter. The joy of watching your children become successful in life. After 34 years of practice, I finally get it” said Matt. “You don’t practice Estate Planning, you live it”. In Estate Planning, experience truly does matter.