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Estate Planning with Purpose™

“We don’t want to create a Will and Trust and be done with it”, said Matt. We are looking for people who want to be our clients for a lifetime. Our focus is to create a relationship. We not only want to be your lawyer but we also want to become the “family’s lawyer”.

Our mission at Dana Whiting Law is to create peace of mind by developing a long-lasting relationship that is culminated by a multi-generational Estate Plan.

We want to make you feel like you are not only a client but a friend. We want to be more than a lawyer, we want to be your legal counselor. We want you to feel like you are the most important client that we have. We want to work collaboratively with your CPA, Financial Advisor, and Life Insurance Agent as a part of your Estate Planning Team.

We want to be there to administer your plan when your spouse needs someone to be there for him or her. We want to be there for the next generation when you and your spouse are both deceased. We want to see the joy and legacy that you have created through your hard work and efforts. “One of my greatest joys in Estate Planning is creating and carrying on that same relationship and bond with the children of my clients with respect to an Estate Plan that has worked successfully,” said Matt. If you are looking to create that kind of relationship, then we are looking for you.

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