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Are you searching for an estate planning attorney in Arizona that is part of the MetLife Legal Plan? Look no further than Dana Whiting Law.

MetLife Legal Plan in Arizona is a great benefit offered to employees by their employers. Normally, with MetLife Legal Plan we can prepare a Revocable Trust, Last Will and Testament, Health Care, and Durable Powers of Attorney with no additional fees. We promise to check your coverage prior to your estate planning appointment so that you will know upfront what is covered under your plan. Traditionally, an estate plan in Chandler, Arizona would cost you around $4,000. Prior to forming Dana Whiting Law Firm, Matt was the managing partner of Dana Law Firm. Dana Law Firm was one of the top MetLife providers in the country for a number of years. Dana Law Firm had a long-standing relationship with MetLife Legal Plan, and that relationship has now transitioned to Dana Whiting Law Firm.

Under the MetLife Legal Plan, the estate planning portion is covered. If you live in Arizona and need an estate planning attorney and have MetLife Legal Services, call our office today. We have offices in Scottsdale, Chandler, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Sedona, Casa Grande, and Tucson so meeting with an attorney under the MetLife Legal Plan will be convenient for you. Every adult should have some sort of Estate Plan in place. Whether it be a Revocable Trust of Last Will and Testament, you need to have something. If you have MetLife Legal Plan and would like to meet with one of our qualified estate planning attorneys, please call us at 480-515-3716. The attorneys, previously with Dana Law Firm, and now the founders of Dana Whiting Law Firm will work in connection with MetLife Legal Plan to ensure that your estate planning experience is a positive one..

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