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Casa Grande

Meet Matt Dana at our Casa Grande Location

Set up a meeting with Matt Dana, Trevor Whiting or both at our convenient Casa Grande location to see how we can help you with your estate plan or answer all your questions about the probate law. We can evaluate your assets and make a plan that will extend the impact your legacy will have on your family and community long after you pass on.

So you don’t think you need an estate plan? Well, did you know that everyone has an estate plan provided for them by the government? If you do not set up your own legally binding plan, the State will appoint itself as the beneficiary of your estate and will award the bulk of your assets to themselves rather than passing it all on to your loved ones. To make sure your assets go to those who will continue your legacy, create an estate plan that will state who receives what. At Dana Whiting Law, we will help you prepare your family’s future in black and white so that your assets can be passed on to your loved ones after you are gone.

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