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3518 N Irving St, Unit A
Kingman, AZ 86409
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Whether you are ready to start your estate plan or have questions regarding the probate process, go ahead and schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys at our Kingman Location. We will help you evaluate your assets and plan your legacy in a way that will help your family and community will remember you when you are long gone.

If you pass away without a legally binding estate plan, the State will take full control of your assets and will award the bulk of the estate to themselves rather than passing it onto your loved ones. In most cases, however, the State will award your loved ones with some of the assets but will strive to make it as little as possible. To make sure this does not happen and that your entire estate goes toward your loved ones, create an estate plan that will carry on your legacy. Here at Dana Whiting Law, we will plan the future of your estate to ensure that the quality of the life you worked so hard to achieve will be passed on to your loved ones after you are gone.

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