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Los Angeles

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445 S Figueroa St
31st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
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If you’re considering initiating your estate plan or have questions regarding the Probate process, arrange a meeting with one of our Attorneys at our Los Angeles office. We’ll assess your assets and strategize how your legacy will affect your loved ones and community in the future.

Did you realize that without an Estate Plan, the State will determine the fate of your assets upon your passing? Typically, in such cases, the State will designate itself as the recipient and overseer, often retaining the majority of the Estate and allocating minimal portions to your surviving family members. Establishing an Estate Plan safeguards against this, ensuring that your assets go directly to your family members or whomever you outline in the plan. At Dana Whiting Law, we specialize in preparing Estate Plans for the future, safeguarding the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve, and ensuring it continues to enrich the lives of your loved ones after you’re no longer here.

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