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At Dana Whiting Law, our mission is to help each of our clients leave behind a legacy of which they can be proud, without having to tackle the estate planning process on their own. Have you ever asked any of these questions:

  • I want an Estate Plan. What is the best way to go about developing one?
  • Who can I turn to that can help me with advanced tax planning?
  • How does the probate process work?
  • I want to be sure that I leave a lasting legacy for my posterity. What’s the best way for me to do that?

When I die, what will be the best way to have my assets distributed?
If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions and are seeking for answers, it is probably time to schedule an appointment with Dana Whiting Law. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in all aspects of Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration.

Estate planning is not only important but essential in the process of preparing for your own future and that of your loved ones. If you die without an Estate Plan in place, then the State will be the one who decides what happens with your assets. When this is the case, the ones you love will, more often than not, will not end up with all that you intended them to have. That can be prevented, though, by planning ahead and making sure you’re prepared for whatever the future might hold.

If you are looking to create an estate plan or review your current one, we are ready and happy to assist you through the process!

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