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Meet with Matt Dana at our Sedona Location

40 Stutz Bearcat Drive Suite 10 Sedona, AZ 86336
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Are you ready to start your estate plan or have any questions regarding the probate process? Schedule your appointment with Matt Dana or Trevor Whiting at our Sedona Location. We will be able to evaluate your assets and plan the impact of your legacy so your family and community will remember you when you are gone.

If you pass on without your own estate plan, the State provides one for you by handling your assets without your loved ones in mind. The State’s way of providing you with an estate plan involves the bulk of your assets going to the State and the people you actually care about, getting little to nothing. Not a very good plan. To ensure your loved ones receive their inheritance is creating an estate plan. At Dana Whiting Law, we will prepare your estate for the future, making sure that the quality of the life you worked so hard for will be passed on and be a blessing to your loved ones after you are gone.

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