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Meet with Matt Dana at our Tucson Location

1627 N Swan Rd, Ste 125, Tucson, AZ 85712
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Whether you are ready to start your estate plan or have any questions about the probate process, schedule an appointment to meet with Matt Dana or Trevor Whiting at our Tucson Location. We will help evaluate your assets and plan how your legacy will impact your family and community after you are gone.

Did you know that if you pass away without an estate plan that the State will get to decide what to do with your assets? Usually, when this occurs, the State will appoint themselves as the beneficiary and arbiter and will, more likely than not, award the bulk of the estate to themselves and pass on as little as possible to your family members. Creating an estate plan will ensure this does not happen and make certain that your family members are the ones receiving your assets. At Dana Whiting Law, we will help prepare your estate for the future, making sure that the lifestyle you worked so hard to attain can be passed on and continue blessing your loved ones’ lives after you are gone.

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