Pricing and Fees

At Dana Whiting Law, we strive to keep our pricing and fees fair and easy to undertand. Generally, the fees to create an estate plan are flat fees, and not hourly. There is no fee for the initial consultation for us to get to know your situation. Based on the information we gather in the first meeting then we will quote a flat fee at that time for the “Simple Design Plan”. Our current flat fee schedule can be seen below.

If the client chooses the “Multiple Plan” then we will agree on a flat fee for each design session. After we complete the design sessions, we will quote a flat fee for a more complex estate plan. To learn more about these two approaches click on the next page “What to Expect” which describes the two options in detail.

Generally for a Revocable Living Trust package, including Pourover Last Will and Testament, Medical Powers of Attorney, Financial Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Will and the complete funding of your assets into the Trust range from $2,000 to $3,500 for a “Simple Design Plan” or range from $3,500 to $6,000 for the “Multiple Plan” depending on the number of design sessions agreed upon.

“In Estate Planning, like anything else, you get what you pay for”, said Matt. Sure, you can find a cheaper lawyer, but you will end up with a cookie cutter Trust that you don’t understand. Chances are the Trust will not be properly funded & will end up in probate. “One size does not fit all in Estate Planning”, said Matt. When most lawyers quote fees for Estate Planning, they have hidden charges and fees for the funding the Trust.  Our fees include everything, start to finish.  

At Dana Whiting Law,  we believe that everyone is entitled to quality legal services for a reasonable price. We start with the first meeting to get acquainted and to see if we are going to be a good fit. “I never charge clients for the first meeting”, said Matt.  “I want them to feel relaxed and be comfortable in meeting me and touring our offices”.

If we are a good fit and choose to work together, then one or more  Estate Planning “design sessions” will be scheduled. These sessions will be at normal hourly rates. The number of sessions we have for the design depends on the client and the complexity of the estate.  “It is important for clients to understand several options before an Estate Plan is drafted”. During the “design sessions” we will discuss what happens when one spouse dies and one is still alive. We will also design the plan and look at options when both spouses are deceased and the children inherit the assets. We will talk about the grandkids, about charity, and about other people in your lives that are important to you. In the end, your Estate Plan will be custom designed for you, “much like a landscape architect would custom design your backyard. Nobody will receive a “cookie cutter” Estate Plan from Dana Whiting Law.  

Once the Estate Plan has been designed on paper using flowcharts, we will then discuss a flat fee to draft and implement the Estate Plan. “Most clients feel more comfortable with flat fees over hourly rates for the drafting and implementation of the Estate Plan,” said Matt.

We will not begin drafting documents until we have a signed Fee Agreement that outlines the work to be performed and clearly establishes the fees that will be incurred. One of the other components in the Fee will be the number of assets that need to be re-titled to the Trust and a “Funding Letter”  to the client outlining who is responsible for the transfer of each asset to the Trust and any Fees associated with that. “Many people execute a Trust and then fail to properly fund the Trust for various reasons”, said Matt. “As such, the Trust ends up going thru Probate.” So, at Dana Whiting Law, the legal fees and recording fees for “funding the Trust” will also be spelled out in the flat fee agreement. “The Estate Plan is not finished until all documents have been signed, and all assets have been transferred into the Trust” said Matt.