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County records show that your home is not held by a Trust!

Without a Trust, your home and other assets would be subject to probate court proceedings upon your death.

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The probate process can be confusing, time-consuming,and expensive.

Taking the steps now to prevent the probate process later by creating a Revocable Trust or by implementing other basic estate planning strategies is one of the wisest things you can do to protect your family’s future.

Benefits of estate planning:

  • Avoid Probate
  • Asset Protection
  • Plan for retirement
  • Dictate your Wishes at Death or Disability

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Working with Dana Whiting Law means that you’re working with attorneys with nearly 40 years of experience in estate planning. Our mission is to create peace of mind by developing a long-lasting relationship that is culminated by a multi-generational Estate Plan. We look forward to working with you.